A message…

Today I was given a gift once again by my sweet, little girl…    20171231_093740

      I opened my journal to write and what do I find but this beautiful, picture and message!      

     As I sat and took in all the tiny details of her drawing, tears started slowly, running down my face.  A message so simple, yet so meaningful and filled with so much love!

       I thought to myself, if only we all took the time to send someone a special message.  A friend, a son or daughter, a husband or wife, a lover, a mother or grandmother, a father or grandfather, maybe even someone we’ve lost touch with…

     This little message reminds me of how wonderful it feels to receive love and that we should all share more messages of love!

                —When you love what you have, you have everything you need.–





Just Breathe…

breathe     The most simplest thing, and yet we forget…

To Breathe…

You know your a little off when your 7 year old grabs your hands and reminds you to breathe.  This is why I love this little girl soooo much!

Very stressful couple of weeks, I was no longer able to hold it in.  I was starting to go off, I was losing it, just a little!  What does Ella do…Gently takes hold of both my hands and looks me straight in the eyes…

“Whoa Mamma!  Just Breathe.  Take a big breath and breathe.  You need to just hug me!  Mamma, everything is fine. Get out of your head!”

And I did just that…

Awakening the Soul…




Beginnings…    3 years ago, Ella said something so profound to me, that I have not been the same since.

She opened my heart, my mind, and my soul!  She stirred something deep within me.  Started me on a journey that I am still on today.

That day I learned that Ella was a gift, that life was gift, and I was letting it pass me by…

To others, it may have looked as though everything was great, but this was not so.  On the inside, I was so very sad and alone, so cold and afraid.  Afraid of people, of life, of spirit, and of the Divine.

But Ella knew…   she knew I was breaking.

That day we were baking cookies, and I was having a terribly sad day…

Ella says to me, “Mamma, why are you so sad all the time?”

“I don’t know.” I said.  “I am just having a hard time with life.  I just don’t know how to be happy.”

“Mamma, you don’t need to be sad, because did you know that this life is just a dream and when we die we actually wake up, and it is sooooo beautiful.  You will be so happy!  You need to just live your dream.”

I was astonished! Completely in shock!  I didn’t understand where she got this from…     We are not religious, never had spoken to her about spirituality.  We see an energy healer, a homeopath for medicine and healing, but that is all.

I asked her, “Ella, who told you this?  Where did you hear this?”

“No One.”  She said.  “I just know.”

“How?” I asked.

“Mamma, I’ve been there before, I remember, I just know.”   She reached her hand out to me and said, “Don’t be sad anymore Mamma, we all love you.”

That day changed me!   I started to wake up…I’ve been on a journey ever since, to find myself, to find happiness, to really find anything other than sadness.  I believe I am getting there.

Now when I feel sad, when I fall back into old patterns, I sit and watch Ella.  She lives so truthfully.  She gets joy from absolutely everything and nothing. She loves everything and everyone.  She reminds me to appreciate the little things…


When you learn to feel and then let go…you find love.     – Raelene Bly



hope-french-proverb       Initially I titled my blog” Love, Light, Happiness…”                         Well, the next day Ella came to me and said,

“Mamma, I’ve been thinking about your blog.  I think it’s really good, but it’s missing something…”

I looked at her and said, “Oh…What is that?”

Ella says to me, “I think you should call it, “Love, Light, Happiness and Hope.”  because I am all that too!

If you could of seen and felt the Brightness and Spark in her eyes when she spoke these words…It was like she could Radiate the World!

I said to her, “Of course you are!” And I changed the title right then!

This word HOPE has stuck with me for a couple of days now.  Such a deep, meaningful word, yet so simple.


Hope is Ella completely, and not just Ella but her brothers, and all children as well!

About 6 weeks ago Ella broke her upper arm, (her humorous).  According the doctor’s, this should’ve taken 6-8 weeks to heal.  Not with Ella…  She had just been cast in               The Nutcracker with The Alberta Ballet.  Immediately she was upset, but by the time we got to the  hospital, her spirit was already peaking through!

Ella said to us, “I’m fine, I’m tough, it’s actually not that bad, I will still dance in The Nutcracker!”            

In one week, the x-ray looked amazing!

The doctor said, “Wow! This is beautiful, whatever your doing, keep doing it!”

She gave Ella permission to start moving it, and doing excercises and stretches and said she should be able to dance in The Nutcracker.  We were all thrilled!  We were working with an Energy Healer, but without Ella’s Belief and Hope, this would not have been possible.          At 3 1/2 weeks Ella went to Dress Rehearsal and performed in all 5 shows of The Nutcracker perfectly!

–   This is the Magic of HOPE  –

I would love to hear more stories from others of HOPE!  I think our children are Amazing!  We should share their Beauty and Strength!

It might even be fun to ask what Hope means to them…mmm maybe another post!

Where to Begin…with love

With so many meaningful lessons to share, I had no idea which one to start with – but Ella decided for me – with another beautiful message!  I had just finished showing and reading Ella this blog…

Ella says, “Oh mamma, it is beautiful! But you know why I am so perfect and full of love?”

“Why?” I ask.

“Because of you! It’s actually all coming from you!”

My eyes glossed over with tears, I hugged her and said Thankyou…

I never thought of myself as showing her how to love, (love is something I struggle with).   I always felt she was teaching  and showing me how to love.  Ella  always reminds me of who I am!

In your light I learn how to love.      – Rumi