chris-and-me-mexicoThe Author…

I am a Mother, Wife, Artist, Musician,  and now a Writer.  I’ve always been a writer, just a private one.  Each one of my children has given me a gift, with the boys came my gift of writing Music, and with Ella came the gift of Writing, and Art.  I am always writing music and now I am excited to be working on a couple of books as well as this blog!

I  homeschool all 3 of my children, which I absolutely love! I love that I get to spend everyday with them, helping them grow and work towards accomplishing their dreams!  All 3 of them have some very big goals; Rylan my oldest and Jaden want to be Professional Motocross Racers, and Ella wants to be a Dancer, Singer, Performer or she says a Healer!

I am also working on a Motocross Blog, as this is a big part of our lives.  For now here is a link to our Race Page and a few pictures of the boys in action.


rylan-mx-collage      jaden-mx-collage