Awakening the Soul…




Beginnings…    3 years ago, Ella said something so profound to me, that I have not been the same since.

She opened my heart, my mind, and my soul!  She stirred something deep within me.  Started me on a journey that I am still on today.

That day I learned that Ella was a gift, that life was gift, and I was letting it pass me by…

To others, it may have looked as though everything was great, but this was not so.  On the inside, I was so very sad and alone, so cold and afraid.  Afraid of people, of life, of spirit, and of the Divine.

But Ella knew…   she knew I was breaking.

That day we were baking cookies, and I was having a terribly sad day…

Ella says to me, “Mamma, why are you so sad all the time?”

“I don’t know.” I said.  “I am just having a hard time with life.  I just don’t know how to be happy.”

“Mamma, you don’t need to be sad, because did you know that this life is just a dream and when we die we actually wake up, and it is sooooo beautiful.  You will be so happy!  You need to just live your dream.”

I was astonished! Completely in shock!  I didn’t understand where she got this from…     We are not religious, never had spoken to her about spirituality.  We see an energy healer, a homeopath for medicine and healing, but that is all.

I asked her, “Ella, who told you this?  Where did you hear this?”

“No One.”  She said.  “I just know.”

“How?” I asked.

“Mamma, I’ve been there before, I remember, I just know.”   She reached her hand out to me and said, “Don’t be sad anymore Mamma, we all love you.”

That day changed me!   I started to wake up…I’ve been on a journey ever since, to find myself, to find happiness, to really find anything other than sadness.  I believe I am getting there.

Now when I feel sad, when I fall back into old patterns, I sit and watch Ella.  She lives so truthfully.  She gets joy from absolutely everything and nothing. She loves everything and everyone.  She reminds me to appreciate the little things…


When you learn to feel and then let go…you find love.     – Raelene Bly



14 thoughts on “Awakening the Soul…

    • Thankyou for taking the time to read it! That means a lot! This was the day I started writing down all of Ellas insights, it’s taken me 3 years to find myself and the confidence to share…


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