hope-french-proverb       Initially I titled my blog” Love, Light, Happiness…”                         Well, the next day Ella came to me and said,

“Mamma, I’ve been thinking about your blog.  I think it’s really good, but it’s missing something…”

I looked at her and said, “Oh…What is that?”

Ella says to me, “I think you should call it, “Love, Light, Happiness and Hope.”  because I am all that too!

If you could of seen and felt the Brightness and Spark in her eyes when she spoke these words…It was like she could Radiate the World!

I said to her, “Of course you are!” And I changed the title right then!

This word HOPE has stuck with me for a couple of days now.  Such a deep, meaningful word, yet so simple.


Hope is Ella completely, and not just Ella but her brothers, and all children as well!

About 6 weeks ago Ella broke her upper arm, (her humorous).  According the doctor’s, this should’ve taken 6-8 weeks to heal.  Not with Ella…  She had just been cast in               The Nutcracker with The Alberta Ballet.  Immediately she was upset, but by the time we got to the  hospital, her spirit was already peaking through!

Ella said to us, “I’m fine, I’m tough, it’s actually not that bad, I will still dance in The Nutcracker!”            

In one week, the x-ray looked amazing!

The doctor said, “Wow! This is beautiful, whatever your doing, keep doing it!”

She gave Ella permission to start moving it, and doing excercises and stretches and said she should be able to dance in The Nutcracker.  We were all thrilled!  We were working with an Energy Healer, but without Ella’s Belief and Hope, this would not have been possible.          At 3 1/2 weeks Ella went to Dress Rehearsal and performed in all 5 shows of The Nutcracker perfectly!

–   This is the Magic of HOPE  –

I would love to hear more stories from others of HOPE!  I think our children are Amazing!  We should share their Beauty and Strength!

It might even be fun to ask what Hope means to them…mmm maybe another post!


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