Where to Begin…with love

With so many meaningful lessons to share, I had no idea which one to start with – but Ella decided for me – with another beautiful message!  I had just finished showing and reading Ella this blog…

Ella says, “Oh mamma, it is beautiful! But you know why I am so perfect and full of love?”

“Why?” I ask.

“Because of you! It’s actually all coming from you!”

My eyes glossed over with tears, I hugged her and said Thankyou…

I never thought of myself as showing her how to love, (love is something I struggle with).   I always felt she was teaching  and showing me how to love.  Ella  always reminds me of who I am!

In your light I learn how to love.      – Rumi                                                            


7 thoughts on “Where to Begin…with love

    • Oh wow! Thankyou so much! That means a lot to me!! I’ve been collecting stories and insights from Ella since she was 3 and I felt it was time to start sharing. I must admit I was a little nervous to put myself out there… So Thankyou very much!! Much Love


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